Obama's Executive Order

Millions of immigrants currently living illegally in the country may apply for work permits under the plan announced for President Barack Obama. They are to include those who have been in the US for five years and their children live in the country legally.

About five million people could benefit thanks to the reform initiated by executive order. There are an estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States. Under this plan, undocumented parents of children legally residents or American citizens may apply for work permits for a period of three years.

Only parents who have lived in the United States in recent years will qualify. It is estimated that 3.7 million people may be eligible through this scheme, according to the Migration Policy Institute. Another part of the package will extend a program that provides temporary legal status to people who came to the US as children.

Currently only those under 30 who entered before 2007 can apply for this program, which was launched in 2012 and has coverage for approximately 1.2 million people.

Who will benefit from the immigration changes?

  • Parents of children born in the United States or who are legal residents and who are in the country, parents, from before the first of January 2010.

  • Deferred Action program that benefits so far at least six hundred thousand children who entered the United States as minors, will be expanded to remove the age limit 30 years and will include those who arrived before the age of 16 years of age income limit of 1 January 2010, date to date the year of entry was 2007.

  • Obama ordered visas for businessmen who want to invest in the country and that people with labor certification can switch jobs without waiting for expediting residence.

  • Meanwhile, will work permit for spouses of persons authorized to work in the US people.

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In addition, the implementation of these measures will not be limited to those who are undocumented. This means that people who have approved residence but in turn expected to benefit as the decree expedite the process of delivery of documents, visas for new investors in the country will expand and will shelter the children and spouses of US entering the Armed Forces. There will be special attention also to graduate students in scientific areas so that they can stay longer in the United States after completing their studies.

Illegal immigrants by country of origin in the United States (2012)

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