Visas 0-1, J-1, H1, H1B1

Immigration law requires all foreign nationals interested in working temporarily must obtain a nonimmigrant worker visa.

Most temporary workers must have a US employer to file a petition on his behalf through the immigration process based on the use of the USCIS.

Temporary (H, L, O, P) Employees If you intend to work temporarily in the United States as an Immigrant not need a specific visa based on the type of work performed.

Below is a comparison of the different types of employment-based visas:

  • Visa H-1B:

    For people in specialty occupations, requires applicants to have specific knowledge in a given field.

  • Visa H-2A

    Temporary or seasonal agricultural workers.

  • Visa H-2B

    Temporary or seasonal workers not at work in the agricultural sector.

  • Visa H-3

    Foreign nationals who receive training in the United States for purposes other than medical or academic education.

  • Visa I

    Representatives of the media.

  • Visa L

    Workers transferred within the company in the United States, (the) applicant must have worked abroad continuously for one year.

  • Visa O-1

    Persons of extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business or athletics.

  • Visa P-1

    Athletes internationally or members of recognized entertainment groups.

  • Visa P-3

    Artists and / or entertainers involved in the production of a cultural program.

  • Visa Q-1

    Anyone participating in a program of cultural exchange.

  • Visa R-1

    For religious workers.